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Ville Chinon - Accueil AAA

Wine and Vineyards

The Chinon AOC

(AOC stands for Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, i.e. a registered origin label) 

Land and Soil :

Located near Tours, the Chinon appellation area covers 18 municipalities. The vines are exposed to different local conditions (in French “terroirs”): INRA determined 51 units of such, and several types of soils, resulting in several Chinon wines.

To summarize, the Chinon area comprises 3 major soil types:

- First the alluvial terraces (old and recent) on the banks of the Vienne River, consisting of gravel and sand,
- Then the hills and Turonian limestone hills (yellow limestone) located along the river routes,
- And the plateaus and mounds consisting mainly of flint clay and sands (Senonian)

Grape Variety :

Red and pink wines are mostly made out of the star vine Cabernet Franc, also called Breton, although Cabernet Sauvignon is allowed with a 10% tolerance.

White wine is made with Chenin vines, also called Pineau de Loire.

Tasting :

Une caveRed Chinon: The range extends from light, fresh wines to structured and powerful ones; Chinon wines can be young and intense ones, or reserve quality fruity wines.  Their shared features are the fruit, the freshness and lightness, and their soft tannins.

The robe displays intense purplish-red highlights from cherry to dense purple

The nose is a festival of red and black fruits (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, currant, blackberry, blackcurrant ...), moving gradually towards candied fruit (prunes ...), sweet spices (cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom) and wild game (leather, fur ...).

On the palate, be they supple or full-bodied, the Chinon wines combine well with a gourmet meal, whether simple or sophisticated.

Serving temperature is 14-15° for young wines, 16-17° for older ones. Service in a decanter is recommended to expand suppleness in the young ones, and fully reveal the mature ones.

Reserve potential: depending on the type, Chinon wines reach their full potential within 2-5 years or within 10-20 years.

Pink Chinon

Ballade en vélo

Color ranges from light salmon pink to bright pink; The nose combines peach, litchi, pomelo and small red fruits; it has a fresh palate.

White Chinon

White Chinon is a “taffeta textured wine”, mineral, with a light golden robe, a citrus and flowery nose, a complex and gourmet palate.