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Bons Entonneurs Rabelaisiens Brotherhood

Grappes de raisinThe Bons Entonneurs Rabelaisiens of Chinon, a Humanist Brotherhood, the second in France after the Tastevin Brothehood, entends at once to perpetuate the teachings of its spiritual master François Rabelais, a humanist and truculent writer on the joys of living, and also to celebrate the virtues of the Chinon wine, of which the Brotherhoods’ dignitaries are passionate ambassadors.
The Brotherhood holds solemn chapter four times a year, under the great arches of the famous Caves Painctes dear to François Rabelais. On that day, the Great Dignitaries in full regalia of red, gold and ermine receive claimant knights in an imposing ceremonial of enthronement. They are then given the Brotherhood’s Grand Diploma of Honor and the red and gold Cord (the colors of Chinon) that carries a medal struck with the effigy of the city’s most famous tenant, François Rabelais.

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