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Chinon-Hofheim (Germany) Twinning Association

Established in May 1967, the Chinon-Hofheim twinning is one of the city’s oldest and most enduring international friendships. Hofheim is located in the state of Hesse, near Frankfurt.

For nearly 50 years, the Twinning Committee has been encouraging exchange projects  between schools in Chinon and Hofheim. These exchanges allow students to stay in their sister city and enrich their history and language curriculum.

Many cultural exchanges also take place between choirs, folk groups and orchestras. They have produced real works of art, as evidenced by the Bosch Foundation prize awarded to the opera "The Magic Flute 2004", created in Chinon by music schools from both cities.

The dynamism of this Chinon-Hofheim twinning also fostered partnerships between many associations in both cities: sport associations, Volunteer Fire Brigade, Veterans Associations and the Entonneurs Rabelaisiens Brotherhood who opened a chapter in Hofheim.

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Contact :
President : Michel Rousseau
Telephone : 02 47 93 38 66
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