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Chinon-Tenkodogo (Burkina Faso) Cooperation

Tenkodogo (113 000 inhabitants) is the capital of the province of Boulgou in Burkina Faso. It was the first capital of the Mossi kingdom.

Both cities have developed a strong friendships since 1974. In 2006, at the request of the Mayor of Tenkodogo, the two cities decided to strengthen their partnership within a cooperation program, signed in November of the same year.
The baseline of this partnership resides in human and financial capacity –building in Tenkodogo, to allow the city administration to meet the needs of the population regarding development, equipment and services.

Since 2006, several projects have been developed to alleviate poverty, through education, economic development, water and sanitation access:
• building of 2 schools.
• creation of the city address system.
• creation of a local initiative platform.
• building of 9 wells and latrines in eight schools (with on-going works for 9 more wells and 300 rural latrines).

Alongside these investments, it is primarily a support process that has been undertaken through a number of actions:
• Literacy training for local elected officials.
• Technical training and support for local public agents.
• Awareness campaigns conducted among the population, especially the younger ones.
Joined in the partnership since 2008 by the municipality of Etaules (Charente-Maritime), Tenkodogo and Chinon initiated a fourth program in 2012 aimed at improving rural access to water and sanitation.

The Chinon-Tenkodogo-Etaules partnership is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  the Loire Bretagne and Adour Garonne Water Agencies, the Region Centre- Val de Loire and private partners.

Contact :

Aude Sivigny, International Programs Manager
Telephone : 02 47 93 53 22
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