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Chinon-Tiverton (Great Britain) Twinning Committee

The twinning charter between Chinon and Tiverton, a town of 20,000 inhabitants located in Devon, was signed officially in 1973. However, these bonds of friendship between the two cities had been initiated in 1971 by language teachers of the two cities, as they seeked to raise awareness in their classes on European culture.

Cultural exchanges between the cities’ inhabitants soon followed these school exchanges.

Nowadays  the actions of the Chinon-Tiverton Twinning Committee focus mainly on the discovery of cultures and lifestyles and thus continue to maintain the friendship between Chinon and the residents of Tiverton, a friendship which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013.

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President : Jean-Pierre RIDEAU
Treasurer : Annick AUBRY
Secretary : Christine DEBAUNE